2,000 Sq Ft Multi-Fuel Stove with 60 lb Hopper

First introduced in 2001 as our first multi fuel stove, the 6041 stove has evolved into one of the most sophisticated heating appliances on the market. Not only is it capable of burning compressed wood pellets, it can also burn corn, soy beans, cherry pits, olive pits, bio mass fuel grains, and processed palletized silage with just a few simple adjustments. The 6041 is mobile home approved (with use of fresh air kit) and is extremely easy to install. This multi fuel heater works by using a software driven control board to precisely deliver a predetermined amount of fuel from the hopper into a burn chamber. An electric heating element, used only in startup, heats the fuel type until they ignite. The combustion blower forces air through the burn chamber and once ignited, it provides an active combustion of the fuel type resulting in very little ash. The exhaust and heat pass through one side of air chambers where on the other side, the variable speed room blower gathers the heat and distributes this through the room. This entire process results in a very clean burning, efficient heating machine for your home.

Model #: 6041

Additional Information:

  • New fuel feed system eliminates burn back and allows the use of non-premium fuels
  • Large ceramic glass window with integrated air wash
  • Burn pot agitator to prevent clinker buildup and provide a more complete burn
  • Large viewing window
  • Removable ash pan for easy cleanup
  • Digital control board with built-in diagnostics and LED readouts make testing, startup and operation a breeze with just a touch of a button
  • 5 Blower speed settings allow easy adjustment to fit your home
  • 5 Heat settings allow the ability to adjust to your heating needs
  • Burns wood pellets, corn, soy beans, cherry pits, olive pits and other compressed biomass fuels
Assembled Width (in)27.75
Package Weight320
Package Width27.75
Package Height30.75
Assembled Depth (in)30.5
Package Depth30.5
Assembled Height (in)30.75

6041 Series Owner’s Manual
US Stove | King | Ashley Wood & Pellet Stoves – Warranty

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Fairly trouble Free

Bought new in 2005. Primary heat source in 2100 sq ft single level home with a very high R factor (32) insulation. We have replaced the control board once, the Herringbone firebox insert and room blower once, the door and glass seals twice. The fan just needed bearings; I found replacements and now have my own spare. I have it plugged into a surge protector strip which I recommend to protect your board. We use low ash hardwood pellets that are mostly Oak and recently found Kiln dried hardwood pellets. We mix 12 quarts of Corn into the wood pellets when the temps drop below 20 for a high during the day and can reduce the feed setting from 4 to 3. The setting of 3 works most of the time with 9 being the highest. Corn has more BTU than wood and have never used straight Corn. Using Corn drier than 12% works best. Add some ground Oyster shells used for chicken scratch when burning lots of corn, it helps with the build up on the fire pot. Couple of pinches every week is PLENTY. All in all, it’s been a pretty good investment. I have tried Soybeans dried to 10% and noticed no significance in performance. I usually try different fuel types by adding them by hand. YOU WILL NEED THE ATTATCHMENTS TO BURN CHERRY PITS. THEY ARE LIKE GASOLINE. Small Coal chunks have no significant advantage either. Pellets started out at $1.49 a bag and are now over $7 for trash. I wish it had a bigger hopper. On Feed Setting 2, 40lbs will last 24 hours. I would suggest (and do have) a Battery and Inverter to run in lights out situations and not a Generator. Some Generators are not stabile enough in output for electronics. My stove pulls 1.5 amps @ 121 volts so a 1200-2000 Watt Inverter of proper Sine wave and a Gel Cell Deep Cycle Marine battery will last you for Several Days. Gel Cell will not generate Hydrochloric gases which are explosive and corrosive. I hope they keep making parts as hopefully this will be the last stove I ever buy.

Lawrence O.

bought in 2001

i bought this excact model at tractor supply in 2001 for $1500 and didnt have a single issue with it for 10 years then i had to replace the cast alluminum pipe comming out the back of the stove which was easy to order through US stove . ive only replaced the door gasket and one side auger motor in the 23 years of running this stove i highly reccommend this stove as its been in two of my homes that ive owned, one a mobile home where it was used as a secondary source of heat and now in my house as a primary source as oil prices are crazy high i will buy another when i need to replace this one

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