Ashley AP5780E Pellet Stove 46 lb. Hopper (2,200 Sq. Ft)

Clean lines, gentle curves and modern technology meet with the AP5780E. This slim line pellet stove is designed to fit into tighter spaces yet produces the same amount of heat as a full size pellet stove. It can heat up to 2,200 Sq. Ft. The all digital control system comes with a temperature readout and a remote control for simple adjustments. It comes with a 46 Lb. hopper to provide up to 32 hours of burn time between fillings. This stove is a show piece with its curved black sides and flat black accents. Pellet heaters work by using a software driven control board to precisely deliver a pre-determined amount of fuel from the hopper into a burn chamber. An electric heating element, used only in startup, heats the pellets until they ignite. The combustion blower forces air through the burn chamber and once ignited, it provides an active combustion of the pellets resulting in very little ash. The exhaust and heat pass through one side of air chambers where on the other side, the variable speed room blower gathers the heat and distributes this through the room. This entire process results in a very clean burning, efficient heating machine for your home. The AP5780E wood pellet stove exceeds 75% efficiency and qualifies for the 30% IRS Sec.(25C) Residential Energy Tax Credit.

Model #: AP5780E

Additional Information:

  • 75% efficient with the new Aurora engine
  • Infrared remote control allows you to make adjustments from your recliner
  • Top mounted, digital controls with temperature readout for easy access and adjustment
  • Removable side panels for easy maintenance access
  • 46 lb hopper provides up to 32 hours (lowest setting) of use between fillings
  • Qualifies for the IRS 25C Residential Energy Tax Credit
Assembled Width (in)20.8
Package Weight205
Package Width31
Package Height40.5
Assembled Depth (in)22.25
Package Depth24
Assembled Height (in)37.16

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AP5780 Series Owner’s Manual

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