2469E Cast Iron Logwood Stove
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The 2469E is a rustic, heavy duty, cast iron constructed, wood stove that is ideal for any rugged outdoorsman, those with a nostalgic taste, or someone simply looking for reliable, cost efficient, EPA approved heating.  It is perfect for log cabins, large garages and shops.  This stove is durability defined.  Tested and certified to U.L. 1482 by Warnock Hersey International for greater peace of mind and safety assurance.  It has unequaled life expectancy and is easy to use.
Up to 94,000 BTU's   Depth: 35.75 inch   USA
Heating: Up to 1,600 sq. ft.   Width: 26 inch   Canada
27" Log Length   Height: 28.25 inch    
Two piece safety handle   6 inch flue collar    
Solid cook top surface   EPA Certified    
    Weight: 205 lbs