Multi-Fuel Stove FAQ

Below is a list of common questions regarding the 6033, 6035, and 6037 model multi-fuel stoves.
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Is the auger supposed to continuously turn, or is it supposed to turn a few times, stop, then rotate more?

Why does my 6035 corn pellet stove keep going out after 30 minutes? Can the blower be turned up to force more air for circulation?

Why will my stove not pull the wood pellets through the auger to the agitator? It works for a while, then quits bringing the pellets through and crushes them.

We installed our stove recently and the auger has quit working. How do we fix it?

We are having a problem with a dirty, sooty stove. It worked great for a while, now it is so sooty that the glass is solid black within half an hour of lighting.

My 6033 shuts down in 30 minutes and sometimes we can't get it to burn at all. It is vented from the basement floor about 5 feet. Does it need more power from the motor to get the chimney to work?

Why does our stove work great on pellets, but we get big globs and lots of half burned ash with corn?

What is new and improved on the 6037 over the 6033 and the 6035?

Why does my unit keep running and the auger continue feeding when I turn it off?

My auger came loose, is it broken?

Why is the green light on my stove flashing, but nothing is happening?

Why is my unit extremely hot and the green light flashing?

Is there a fresh air kit for outside air?

What kind of pipe should I buy?

How high should my pipe be?

How long does it take for the auger and agitator to start turning after I turn the unit on?

Why will my distribution/circulation fan not run during the testing phase?

Why does my unit shut down after only 15 minutes of testing?

How do I reset the control board once the green light has started flashing?

How far open should my slide draft be set?

How often should I clean out my unit?

Why does the fire in my stove keep going out for no reason?

What are the slides in the back wall and in the bottom of the firebox for?

Why is my fire burning with a lazy, orange flame?

Where does my unit pull in air from?

Why will my stove not shut down properly? I have to unplug it to shut it down.

Why does the auger not always work on my model 6037?

Why does the glass on my stove get completely covered with soot within an hour or running?