Draft Regulator 6″

For proper operation and efficient fuel consumption n wood and/or coal-fired furnaces, the draft must remain constant. When it is, combustion is more complete, fuels are utilized more efficiently and money is saved. A barometric draft regulator like the DR6 maintains consistent draft by counteracting the negative forces caused by changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and the effects of wind.

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Additional Information:

  • Automatically regulates draft for a cleaner, more efficient burn
  • Easy installation
  • Fits any standard 6 in. black or galvanized stove pipe
  • This simple, low-maintenance device is a great addition for all US Stove furnaces
Assembled Width (in)8
Package Weight4
Package Width7
Package Height13
Assembled Depth (in)12
Package Depth9.5
Assembled Height (in)6

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