6 In. Heat Reclaimer

Improve the efficiency of older stoves and furnaces with the Miracle Heat 6 inch heat reclaimer. This heat reclaimer can save on heating bills and can be easily installed in the flue of any air-tight wood stove or freestanding fireplace. How it works is the exhaust heat and gases travel upward through the flue, circulating around the heat-exchanger tubes. The pre-set thermostat automatically turns the blower fan on and off when the proper temperature is reached, forcing the warmed air through the tubes and into the room while the waste gases continue up the chimney.

Model #: MH6


Additional Information:

  • Compatible with all wood or coal stoves
  • Improves efficiency of older stoves and furnaces
  • Install 15 to 24 In. away from stove
  • Not for use with oil and gas furnaces
  • Easy installation
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Fully sealed from flue gassed
Assembled Width (in)13
Package Weight14
Package Width16
Package Height13
Assembled Depth (in)13
Package Depth13
Assembled Height (in)13

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