Miracle Heat 5 Blade Thermoelectric Fan

Keeping with miracle heat’s tradition of providing affordable heating accessories, this new thermoelectric fan uses electricity generated by a warm stove to silently circulate warm air into your room. This five bladed fan operates silently while your stove is hot and shuts off automatically when it is not. It features a stylish anodized aluminum frame and blades. The fan sits on the surface of your stove or fireplace and keeps heat circulating horizontally, spreading it through the room, rather than letting all that lovely warmth follow its natural path of rising to the ceiling and leaving the colder air near the floor.

Model #: MH4


Additional Information:

  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Operating temperature range: 60°C (140°F) —340°C(644°F)
  • High quality anodized extruded aluminum material
  • No cords, plugs or batteries needed, powered by heat from stove
  • Silent operation
Assembled Width (in)7.1
Package Weight2.5
Package Width9.2
Package Height9.5
Assembled Depth (in)5.5
Package Depth5.5
Assembled Height (in)9.25

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