Furnace 6500 (Pellet or Corn) FAQs

1. My model 6500 furnace keeps going out there is an E-2 error code. What is wrong?

2. My furnace keeps going out, and my corn piles up and turns black. Why?

3. The dash in my heat range is flashing. Is this normal?

4. What does it mean when the auger delay button flashes?

5. My 6500 has a gap in the gasket around the glass, is this normal?

6. I have the model 6500 pellet furnace, the exhaust fan speeds up and slows down. Do I have a problem?

7. Can I vent my pellet/multifuel furnace into and existing chimney?

8. I have a model 6500 and I can’t get much heat out of it. I have a filter box but NO cold air return. What is the problem?