Pellet Stove FAQs

1. The "A" light is flashing on the control board and the stove isn't feeding any pellets. Why is this?

2. Can I vent my stove directly into my existing chimney?

3. My 5500 has a gap around the bottom of the glass, is this normal?

4. I have two small plates on each side of my burn pot. There is a screw holding each into place. What are they? Should it be open or closed?

5. The igniter on my 5500M will not light.

6. Why does the exhaust blower on my 5510 come on and off? Is there something wrong with my stove?

7. Can I connect a remote thermostat to my 5510? If so, how do I install it and what kind do I use?

8. Why can't I put my 5510 into manual mode?

9. What does the Aux. button do for my stove?

10. I have an ERR-6 on my stove. What does this mean?

11. What is an ERR-11?

12. What is an ERR-2?