Multi-Fuel Corn Stoves (6039, 6041) FAQs

1. Can I vent a corn stove into my existing chimney?

2. My C light comes on when I start the stove. What does this mean?

3. Do I need the Fresh Air Kit?

4. When I plug my stove in, there are numbers that flash on the board then quickly go out. What do these numbers mean?

5. What type of vent piping should I use for my installation?

6. What is the recommended installation for the vent piping?

7. What do the A and B buttons represent on the control board?

8. Why is the B light flashing on the circuit board?

9. Why is my A light flashing on the control board?

10. At higher temperature settings, my stove has an unpleasant and loud whistling sound, much like a boiling teakettle. Is this normal? Is there anything that can be done to correct this?

11. My draft fan light keeps flashing and my stove won't feed any corn.

12. What does the Aux. button do on my stove?

13. How do I clean the cleanout behind the burnpot?

14. When I received my new pressure switch it has two ports instead of just one. Which one of these does the hose go to and what do I do with the other port?

15. Can I connect a remote thermostat to my stove? If so, how do I connect it and what kind should I use?

16. I connected the fresh air kit to the back of my unit and it didn't seem to help at all.