Circulators (Wood or Coal) FAQs

1. What is draft ? What is combustion air?

2. Why does my Wonderwood have holes in the doors?

3. Why do I have smoke spillage when I refuel my stove or furnace?

4. What is creosote? How is it produced? How can I prevent it?

5. How can I prevent grate burn out and warpage of cast iron parts?

6. The heater I am interested in cannot be used in mobile homes. Why not?

7. Which coal is best to burn?

8. How to I get my Anthracite coal to burn?

9. How do I get my Bituminous coal to burn?

10. I purchased Wonderwood model 2941, but I can't find the draft regulator, part number DR6.

11. I have a Wonderwood and I need to change some bricks in it. How to do this?

12. Why does the EPA not permit burning wood in a Wondercoal stove?

13. I have a wood stove and I have a hard time getting a fire started in it. It only works if I leave the door open. Why is this?

14. Do I need a grate for the logs in my wood stove or do they just sit on the fire brick?

15. My new stove has a hard time drafting, but my old stove worked in my chimney. Why is this?

16. I have a new stove. Can I vent directly into my masonry, clay lined, or terracotta chimney?

17. Does the Magnolia 2015 need a damper in the flue pipe?