Circulator FAQs

Below is a list of common questions regarding both wood and coal circulators. Click on the question to see the answer.

What is draft? What is combustion air?

Why does my Wonderwood have holes in the doors?

Why do I have smoke spillage when I refuel my stove or furnace?

What is creosote? How is it produced? How can I prevent it?

How can I prevent grate burn out and warping of cast iron parts?

Why can't the heater I want be used in mobile homes?

Which coal is best to burn?

How to I get my Anthracite coal to burn?

How do I get my Bituminous coal to burn?

I purchased a Wonderwood model 2941, but I can't find the draft regulator, part number DR6.

I have a Wonderwood and I need to change some bricks in it. How to do this?

Why does the EPA not permit burning wood in a Wondercoal stove?

Why do I have a hard time starting a fire in my wood stove unless the door is open?

Do I need a grate for the logs in my wood stove or do they just sit on the fire brick?

Why did my old stove work in my chimney, but my new stove is having a hard time drafting?

If I have a new stove, can I vent directly into my masonry, clay lined, or terracotta chimneys?

Does the Magnolia 2015 need a damper in the flue pipe?