Wood/Coal Furnace FAQ

Below is a list of common questions regarding wood and coal furnaces.
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What should my limit control be set on?

Why do I have smoke spillage when I refuel my stove or furnace?

What is creosote? How is it produced? How can I prevent it?

How can I prevent grate burn out and warping of cast iron parts?

Is it necessary to hook up my solid fuel furnace to a system of ductwork?

Which coal is best to burn?

How do I get my anthracite to burn?

How do I get my bituminous coal to burn?

Why should I make provision for a cold-air return?

What is draft? What is combustion air?

Why will my furnace's forced draft blower not come on?

I understand that you manufacture a water heating coil for most furnaces. If I purchase a coil, do I need a hot water tank to store the hot water?

I have a 1300 model, which calls for logs up to a 24 inches long, but the grate is only 13 inches, do I have the wrong grate?

How do I install a thermostat inside my house for my furnace?

When our furnace was installed, we added the forced draft kit. The fan for the forced draft never shuts off. Do we need to replace something or could there be a problem with the wiring?

When my furnace needs heat, the distribution blower cycles on and off rapidly until the furnace gets hotter. When the thermostat no longer calls for heat, it starts cooling down and the distribution blower starts cycling on and off rapidly until the furnace cools enough for the blower to go off completely.