Where can I find replacement parts?

You may order them directly from us on this website or by phone at (800)750-2723. You may also get parts through your local dealer. US Stove does not recommend purchasing after-market parts. They have not been tested with our units, and we cannot guarantee they will function properly and may cause damage to your stove. The use of after-market parts will also void any remaining warranty you have through US Stove.

Error Codes:

Link to 4-digit Error Code PDF
Link to 2-digit Error Code PDF

Can I vent my stove directly into my existing chimney?

Unlike wood stoves, which operate exclusively on a principle of chimney draft, a pellet stove must use specially sealed exhaust pipes to prevent exhaust gases from escaping into the living space. This is due to the air pressure produced by a combustion blower. Pellet stoves require certified double-walled venting, type P or PL, three or four inches in diameter, with a stainless steel interior and galvanized exterior. If an existing chimney is available, you must use solid or flexible Pellet Vent liner the length of the chimney for proper drafting. A flue that is too large will cause a drop in pressure, and therefore a decrease in flow. An oversized flue allows the smoke to slow down and condense inside the chimney, resulting in a sluggish draft, and improper operation of a pellet stove.

My pellet stove has a gap around the bottom of the glass, is this normal?

Yes, this means your stove is equipped with an air wash system. It brings air across the front of the glass to help keep it clean.

Should the exhaust blower on my 5500M/5502M be pulsing?

Yes, this model is designed to automatically regulate the air to fuel ratio inside the firebox. The exhaust blower will pulse up and down in speed. When this happens the flame will also increase and decrease. Should your exhaust blower run steady for a long period of time it is indicating that you have an air leak. You may need to re-seal your piping or change the gaskets within your stove.

My stove won’t light.

First thing you should do is check to see if your ignitor is coming on. It should come on almost immediately once the stove is started. If not, check the ignitor fuse on the back of the control panel. It will be labeled either “AUX fuse” or “Ignitor fuse”. Your stove may also need to be cleaned. Sometimes ash and debris will inhibit airflow through the firebox. This can keep your pellets from igniting even though your ignitor is working.

Can I connect a remote thermostat to my US Stove/Ashley pellet stove?

These US Stove models will accept a remote thermostat: 5500M, 5502M, 6039, 6039 Insert, 6041, 6041 Insert, 5040, 5520.
These US Stove models will NOT accept a remote thermostat: AP5660L, AP5660PE, 4840, AP5710, AP5770, AP5790, 5824, 5501S.
If you do not see your model listed, check your owner’s manual or call our technical support team at (800)750-2723.
***Do not use a digital thermostat. You must use a standard, non-digital, low-millivolt thermostat. The remote thermostat should be placed at least 10ft from the stove. Use 16-18 gauge wire if the thermostat is no more than 15ft from the stove. If the thermostat is any further away use a larger gauge wire.

Can I connect a remote thermostat to my Breckwell pellet stove?

Yes. All Breckwell pellet stoves will accept a remote thermostat. Read below to find out what type of thermostat you will need to purchase:

  • For stoves manufactured in 2008 or older you will need to have a 250 or 500-millivolt thermostat. The 750 millivolt thermostats do not work well with these stoves. There are a few on the market that will work, but you will be much better off getting a 250 or 500 millivolt thermostat for these older pellet stoves.
  • For pellet stoves manufactured in 2009 and later you can use any millivolt thermostat including the 750 millivolt models.

How do my thermostat settings work?

The slider switch at the top of the control panel will determine your thermostat setting. If a thermostat is connected you cannot use the manual setting. With that said, if a thermostat is NOT connected you MUST use the manual setting. Below are the two thermostat setting options:

  • The HIGH/LOW thermostat mode is the recommended thermostat mode for all of our pellet stoves. In this mode you will have to manually turn the stove on by pressing the on/off button on the control panel. The stove will start to operate and you would then set the heat level to either the #2 or #3 setting. Once the stove comes out of the pre-programmed start-up mode, the unit will then operate in the high/low thermostat mode. This means when the thermostat is calling for heat the pellet stove will run on the heat level that you have set the stove. When the thermostat is satisfied and not calling for heat the stove will cycle down to the #1 setting and idle. The heat level light will remain where you set it, and the on/off light will be flashing during this time. When the thermostat again calls for heat, the on/off light will become solid again and the stove will run at the heat level setting that you have set the pellet stove. The stove will continue to function this way until you manually press the on/off button on the control panel.
  • The ON/OFF mode will allow the stove to turn on and off. When the stove starts for the first time, set the heat level to the #3 setting. The unit will run on the #3 setting until the thermostat is satisfied and no longer calling for heat and it will then shut down. Once the thermostat calls for heat again, the unit will start and run on the #3 setting again until the thermostat is satisfied. TIP: when using this setting open the damper up a little more than you would in the manual setting.

Can I connect a remote thermostat to my Vogelzang pellet stove?

NO… Vogelzang pellet stoves are designed with a built-in thermostat.

What end of the year maintenance is needed?

Remove all accumulated ash from inside the firebox and ash compartments. Remove all pellets from the hopper. Ash and pellets will absorb moisture and can cause corrosion. Remove exhaust venting system and clean all pieces thoroughly. Remove both the exhaust blower and distribution blower and clean them. Make sure the stove is unplugged while not in use or in storage!

Check out our YouTube channel for step by step instructions: Click Here

How do I maintain the blower fan and motor?

Both the exhaust blower and distribution blower (room fan) will need to be cleaned to ensure they will continue to work properly. You will need to unmount the blowers at least once a year (or for every ton of pellets you burn) and clean out the fan blade housing. Also, make sure you clean out the compartments around where the blowers are mounted to the stove. If these are not maintained properly it can damage the blower motors AND cause the stove to malfunction!

Check out our YouTube channel for step by step instructions: Click Here

What type of pellets should I use?

US Stove recommends that you use premium hard wood pellets. They should have a low ash and moisture content. Pellets that have been rated by the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) are preferred. This information will be listed on the front of the pellet bag.

What are some installation requirements?

  • The install must have a minimum of 3ft of vertical piping.
  • The install may have NO more than 180° in elbows.
  • You must follow the clearances to combustibles listed in your owner’s manual.
  • You may not terminate into an existing chimney.

For further instruction consult your owner’s manual and local building codes. Check out our YouTube channel for installation examples: Click Here

What is causing my auger not to feed pellets/corn?

  • Check to make sure the auger motor is connected.
  • Run a diagnostic test to ensure the motor is functional.
  • If this problem occurs along with an Error 2 message clean the stove thoroughly.
  • For additional trouble shooting contact our tech support team at (800)750-2723.

What is the second opening on the back of the stove used for?

The second opening is the unit’s air intake. This is where you would hook up the Fresh Air Kit (Part # 69FAK). Piping the intake to the outside allows combustion air to enter the firepot from the outside. This will keep negative pressure from forming within the building. It will also increase the efficiency of your stove. This kit is a requirement for mobile/manufactured homes!

Do I need a Fresh Air Kit?

This will depend on how air tight the home/building is. If it is very air tight, negative pressure can form and interfere with the proper functioning of the stove. If the unit is installed in a mobile/manufactured home, the fresh air kit is REQUIRED!

What are the slides in the back wall or in the bottom of the firebox for?

They are clean-outs for the ash build up. These should be cleaned out AT LEAST every burning season or for every ton of pellets burned. You should check them periodically to ensure there’s not a lot of ash build-up. This will greatly affect the performance of your pellet/corn stove!

Can I burn corn in my pellet stove?

NO, you cannot burn corn in your pellet stove. The pellet stove was designed and tested for wood pellets only. Burning corn in your stove will void your warranty and may create a safety hazard or cause damage to your stove. You should only burn premium hard wood pellets in your pellet stove.

What is my warranty?

All replacement parts are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.
The integrity of the firebox itself is covered for 3 years from the purchase date.
Some dealers may sell extended warranties. You will need to contact your dealer for assistance if you have purchased one and are outside of the US Stove coverage time frame.